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Kennack 18nth April 2012

Sorry I have not posted in a while everyone ive been so busy with my work. I will be returning properly in a month.





I’m sat here giving my iTune’s a detox in preparation for of my new laptop that’s arriving this week and i can’t help but think there was not an awful lot of good music released last year. But there are a few that stood out above the rest. Here are my top three albums of last year.

1. Number one goes to ‘The Horrors’ with their third album, ‘Skying’

The band have come on a lot from their first album ‘Strange House’. Their sound today is now mature and finished. I fully started appreciating this band after watching their set at Glastonbury in 2009. I have been a big fan ever since.

2. Braids, Native Speaker. I discovered this Canadian band at the year via the NME and was blown away by their track, Lemonade. It’s well worth a listen.

3. The third spot goes to Foster the people with their debut album…

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The Search

I found a wave….

It was long.

It was chilled.

 It was Gwithian.

Diana Session Two = Slight Success

So this is my second attempt at Lomography I think im getting the idea now. It was beautiful weather on friday so I took advantage and loaded the 120mm film.

Also the surf hasn’t been to good lately and the weather is surprisingly bitter !

Diana View Finder.

I took a few shots today using Beccas Canon 500d and the viewfinder of my Diana F+.

Diana Session one = Blur !

So I have had the shots from the Diana developed and the results were out of focus blurs. The weather hasn’t been great lately so the pictures were taken in low light areas. But hey hopefully the next film is slightly better.

My New Plastic Toy.

My wonderful other half bought me this toy for christmas im looking forward to getting the first 120mm film developed.

Late evening Levy.

Me  & Tom went Porthleven today we only had half hour spare of sunlight by the time we got there so we just watched the wave. there was a little wedge.

Very Windy Lately…

A Short video of a surf the other day in Falmouth. Filmed by Emily Pellow